Steinhowel's Aesop of 1477 (colored)

Fabulae Aesopi by Heinrich Steinhöwel, circa 1477/78. You can use this link to browse posts from this book, and you will find the table of contents below.

This beautiful edition with hand-colored illustrations is online at the University of Munich, which has also digitized numerous other editions of Steinhowel's Aesop in both German and Latin: BSB-Ink A-70 - GW 352.

Because Caxton's Aesop used the same woodcuts (although there is not a facsimile edition of Caxton online), I will be including the Caxton version of the fable with these illustrations; you can read Joseph Jacobs' edition of Caxton online at the Internet Archive.

1.01. de gallo et margarita (Rooster and Pearl)
1.02. de lupo et agno (Wolf and Lamb)
1.03. de mure, de rana et de milvo (Mouse, Frog, and Kite)
1.04. de cane et ove (Dog and Sheep)
1.05. de cane et frusto carnis (Dog and Meat)
1.06. de leone, vacca, capra et ove (Lion, Cow, Goat, and Sheep)
1.07. de fure malo et sole (The Wicked Thief and the Sun)
1.08. de lupo et grue (Wolf and Crane)
1.09. de duobus canibus (The Two Dogs)
1.10. de homine et serpente (Man and Snake)
1.11. de asino et apro = image does not match Caxton
1.12. de duobus muribus (The Two Mice)
1.13. aquila et vulpe (The Eagle and the Fox)
1.14. de aquila, testudine et corvo (Eagle, Tortoise, and Crow)
1.15. de corvo et vulpe (The Crow and the Fox)
1.16. de leone, apro, tauro et asino (Lion, Boar, Bull, and Donkey)
1.17. de asino et catella (The Donkey and the Little Dog)
1.18. de leone et mure (The Lion and the Mouse)
1.19. de milvo infirmo et matre (The Sick Kite and his Mother)
1.20. de hyrundine et ceteris avibus (The Swallow and the Other Birds)

2.01. De ranis et Jove (The Frogs and Jupiter)
2.02. De columbis, milvo et accipitre (Doves, Kite, and Hawk)
2.03. De cane et fure (The Dog and the Thief)
2.04. De scrofa et lupo (The Sow and the Wolf)
2.05. De monte parturiente (The Mountain in Labor)
2.06. De agno et cane (The Lamb and the Dog)
2.07. De cane antiquo et eius domino (The Old Dog and his Master)
2.08. De leporibus et ranis (The Hares and the Frogs)
2.09. De lupo et haedo (The Wolf and the Kid)
2.10. De homine paupere et serpente (The Poor Man and the Snake)
2.11. De cervo, ove et lupo (Deer, Sheep, and Wolf)
2.12. De calvo et musca (The Bald Man and the Fly)
2.13. De vulpe et ciconia (The Fox and the Stork)
2.14. De lupo et persona tragoedi (The Wolf and the Tragic Mask)
2.15. De graculo et pavonibus (The Jackdaw and the Peacocks)
2.16. De musca et mulo (The Fly and the Mule)
2.17. De formica et musca (The Ant and the Fly)
2.18. De vulpe, lupo et simio (Fox, Wolf, and Monkey)
2.19. De mustela et homine (The Weasel and the Man)
2.20. De rana et bove (The Frog and the Ox)

3.01. De leone et pastore (The Lion and the Shepherd)
3.02. De equo et leone (The Horse and the Lion)
3.03. De equo et asino (The Horse and the Donkey)
3.04. De quadrupedibus et avibus (The Beasts and the Birds)
3.05. De luscinia et accipitre (The Nightingale and the Hawk)
3.06. De lupo et vulpe (The Wolf and the Fox)
3.07. De cervo et venatore (The Stag and the Hunter)
3.08. De Iunone et Venere (Juno and Venus)
3.09. De muliere et marito mortuo (The Woman and her Dead Husband)
3.10. De meretrice et iuvene (The Courtesan and the Youth)
3.11. De patre et filio saevo (Father and Son, Ox and Bullock)
3.12. De vipera et lima (Serpent and File)
3.13. De lupis et ovibus (The Wolves and the Sheep)
3.14. De homine et lignis (The Man and the Trees)
3.15. De lupo et cane (The Wolf and the Dog)
3.16. De homine et de ventre (Man and Stomach)
3.17. De simio et vulpe (Monkey and Fox)
3.18. De negotiatore et asino (Merchant and Donkey)
3.19. De cervo et bove (The Stag and the Oxen)
3.20. De leonis fallaci conversatione (The Lion's Conversation)

4.01. De vulpe et uva (Fox and Grapes)
4.02. De mustela sene et mure (Old Weasel and Mouse)
4.03. De lupo et bubulco (Wolf and Cowherd)
4.04. De pavone et Iunone (Peacock and Juno)
4.05. De panthera et agrestibus (Panther and Farmers)
4.06. De vervecibus et lanio (Wethers and Butcher)
4.07. De avibus et aucupe (Birds and Birdcatcher)
4.08. De homine verace et fallace (Truth-Teller and Liar)
4.09. De equo, cervo et venatore (Horse, Stag, and Hunter)
4.10. De asino et leone (Donkey and Lion)
4.11. De vulture et aliis avibus (Vulture and Other Birds)
4.12. De leone et vulpibus (Lion and Foxes)
4.13. De asino aegro et lupo (Sick Donkey and Wolf)
4.14. De hirco maiore et minoribus (Big Goat and Little Goats... but Caxton has this about a hedgehog)
4.15. De homine et leone (Man and Lion)
4.16. De pulice et camelo (Flea and Camel)
4.17. De formica et cicada (Ant and Cicada)
4.18. De gladio et viatore (Sword and Wayfarer)
4.19. De cornice et ove (Crow and Sheep)
4.20. De abiete et harundine (Fir Tree and Reed)

5.01. De mulo, vulpe et lupo (Mule, Fox, and Wolf)
5.02. De verre, agnis et lupo (The Boar and the Wolf)
5.03. De vulpe et gallo (The Fox and the Cock)
5.04. De dracone et villano (The Dragon and the Peasant)
5.05. De vulpe et catto (The Fox and the Cat)
5.06. De lupo et hirco (The Goat and the Wolf)
5.07. De lupo et asino (The Wolf and the Ass)
5.08. De serpente et agricola (The Snake and the Farmer)
5.09. De vulpe et lupo, piscatore et leone (Fox, Wolf, and Lion)
5.10. De lupo pedente (The Wolf that Farted)
5.11. De cane invido (The Envious Dog)
5.12. De lupo et cane famelico (The Wolf and the Hungry Dog)
5.13. De patre et tribus filiis (The Father and His Three Children)
5.14. De vulpe et lupo (The Wolf and the Fox)
5.15. De cane, lupo et ariete (Dog, Wolf, and Wether)
5.16. De homuncione, leone et eius filio (The Man, The Lion, and His Son)
5.17. De milite, vulpe et armigero (The Knight and the Fox)

6.01. De aquila et corvo (The Eagle and the Raven)
6.02. De aquila et scabrone (The Eagle and the Weasel) (!)
6.03. De vulpe et hirco (The Fox and the Goat)
6.04. De catto et gallo (The Cat and the Chicken)
6.05. De vulpe et rubo (The Fox and the Bush)
6.06. De homine et ligneo deo (The Man and the God of Wood)
6.07. De piscatore quodam (A Fisherman)
6.08. De muribus et catto (The Cat and the Rat)
6.09. De agricola et pelargo (The Farmer and the Stork)
6.10. De puero oves pascente (The Child who Kept the Sheep)
6.11. De formica et columba (The Ant and the Dove)
6.12. De ape et Iove (The Bee and Jupiter)
6.13. De lignatore quodam (A Carpenter)
6.14. De puero fure et eius matre (A Thief and his Mother)
6.15. De pulice (The Flea and the Man)
6.16. De viro et duabus uxoribus (The Husband and his Two Wives)
6.17. De viro agriculturo (The Farmer and his Children)

7.01. De rustica et lupo (The Old Woman and the Wolf)
7.02. De testudine et avibus (The Turtle and the Birds)
7.03. De duobus cancris (The Two Crayfish)
7.04. De asino et pelle leonis (The Ass and the Lionskin)
7.05. De rana medica et vulpe (The Frog and the Fox)
7.06. De duobus canibus (The Two Dogs)
7.07. De camelo et Iove (The Camel and Jupiter)
7.08. De duobus sociis (The Two Associates)
7.09. De duabus ollis (The Two Pots)
7.10. De leone, tauro et hirco (The Lion and the Bull)
7.11. De simia et nato (The Ape and his Son)
7.12. De grue et pavone (The Crane and the Peacock)
7.13. De tigride et venatore (The Hunter and the Tiger)
7.14. De quattuor iuvencis et leone (The Four Oxen)
7.15. De dumo et abiete (The Bush and the Tree)
7.16. De piscatore et pisciculo (The Fisher and the Little Fish)
7.17. De Phoebo, avaro et invido (The Avaricious and the Envious)
7.18. De puero flente et fure (The Thief and the Child)
7.19. De leone et capra (The Lion and the Goat)
7.20. De cornice sitiente (The Crow who was Thirsty)
7.21. De rustico et iuvenco (The Farmer and the Bull)
7.22. De viatore et alumno (The Palmer and the Satyr)
7.23. De bove et mure (The Ox and the Rat)
7.24. De ansere et domino suo (The Goose and Her Lord)
7.25. De simia et de gemino fetu (The Ape and his Two Children)
7.26. De nimbo et olla (The Wind and the Pot)
7.27. De lupo et haedo (The Wolf and the Lamb)

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