Of the hedgehogge and of thre lytyl kyddes

4.14. De hirco maiore et tribus minoribus
Caxton: Of the hedgehogge and of thre lytyl kyddes
It behoueth not to the yong and lytyl of age to mocke ne scorne theyr older / As this fable sayth / of thre lytyll hedgehogges / whiche mocked a grete hedgehogge / whiche fled byfore a wulf / And whanne he perceyued the scornyng of them / he sayd to them / Ha a poure fooles & wood ye wote not wherfore I fle / For yf ye wyst and knewe wel thynconuenyent and paryll / ye shold not mocke of hit /
And therfore whan men seen that the grete and myghty ben ferdfull and doubtous / the lasse or lytyll oughten not to be assured / For whan the toune is taken and goten by fortune of warre the Countrey aboute is not therfore more acertayned / but ought to tremble and shake
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