The Bush and the Tree

7.15. De dumo et abiete
Caxton: Of the busshe and of the aubyer tree
None for his beaute ought not to despreyse some other / For somtyme suche one is fayre that soone wexeth lothely and fowle / and to hyghe falleth unto lowe / as it apperyth by this fable / Of a fayr tree whiche mocqued and scorned a lytyl busshe and sayd / Seest thow not / my fayre fourme and my fayre fygure / And that of me men and byldeth fayre edefyces as palys and castellis / galeyes & other shippes for to saylle on the see / And as he avaunced & presysed him self thus / came there a labourer with his axe for to hewe and smyte him to the ground / And as the labourer smote upon the fayre tree / the busshe sayd / Certaynly my broder if now thow were as lytel / as I am / men shold not hewe ne smyte the doune to the erthe /
And therfore none oughte to reioysshe hym self of his worship / For suche is now in grete honour and worship / that herafter shalle falle in to grete vytupere shame and dishonour
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