The Child who Kept the Sheep

6.10. De puero oves pascente
Caxton: Of the child / whiche kepte the sheep
He whiche is acustommed to make lesynges / how be it that he saye trouhte / yet men byleue hym not / As reherceth this fable / Of a child whiche somtyme kepte sheep / the whiche cryed ofte withoute cause / sayenge / Allas for goddes loue socoure yow me / For the wulf wylle ete my sheep / And whanne the labourers that cultyued and ered the erthe aboute hym / herd his crye / they came to help hym / the whiche came so many tymes / and fond nothyng / And as they sawe that there were no wulues / they retorned to theyr labourage / And the child dyd so many tymes for to playe hym / It happed on a day that the wulf came / and the child cryed as he was acustommed to doo / And by cause that the labourers supposed / that hit had not ben trouthe / abode stylle at theyr laboure / wherfore the wulf dyd ete the sheep /
For men bileue not lyghtly hym / whiche is knowen for a lyer
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