The Farmer and the Stork

6.09. De agricola et pelargo
Caxton: Of the labourer and of the pyelarge
He whiche is taken with the wicked and euyll oughte to suffre payne and punycyon as they / As it appiereth by this fable / Of a labourer whiche somtyme dressyd and sette his gynnes and nettes for to take the ghees and the cranes / whiche ete his corne / It happed thenne that ones amonge a grete meyny of ghees and cranes / he took a pyelarge / whiche prayd the labourer in this maner / I praye the lete me go / For I am neyther goos ne crane nor I am not come hyther for to do to the ony euylle / The labourer beganne thenne to lawhe / and sayd to the pyelarge / yf thow haddest not be in theyr felauship / thow haddest not entryd in to my nettes / ne haddest not be taken / And by cause that thow arte founde and taken with them / thow shalt be punysshed as they shalle be
Therfore none ought to hold companye with the euylle withoute he wylle suffre the punycion of them whiche ben punysshed
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