The Wind and the Pot

7.26. De nimbo et olla
Caxton: Of the wynd and of therthen pot
He that ouer moche enhaunceth hym self / sooner than he wold / he falleth doune / as hit appereth by this fable / Of an erthen pot maker whiche made a grete pot of erthe / the whiche he dyd sette in the sonne / by cause that more surely hit shold haue ben dryed / ageynste the whiche came and blewe a grete wynd / And whanne the wynd sawe the potte he demaunded of hym / who arte thow / And the pot ansuerd to hym / I am a potte the best made that men can fynde / & none may lette ne empeche me / And how sayd the wynde / thow art yet al softe / and hast neyther vertue ne none force / and by cause that I knowe wel thy ouer pryde / I shall breke the / and putte the in to pyeces / to thende / that thow of thy grete pryde mayst haue knowledge /
And therfore the feble ought to meke and humble hym self and obeye to his lord / and not to enhaunce hym more than he ought / to thende / he falleth not from hyhe to lowe
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