The Fox and the Bush

6.05. De vulpe et rubo
Caxton: Of the Foxe and of the busshe
Men ought not to demaunde ne aske help of them that ben more customed to lette than to do good or prouffit / as it appereth by this fable of a fox which for to scape the peril to be taken wente vpon a thorne busshe / whiche hurted hym sore / and wepynge sayd to the busshe / I am come as to my refuge vnto the / and thow hast hurted me vnto the dethe / And thenne the busshe sayd to hym / thow hast erred / and wel thou hast begyled thy self / For thow supposest to haue taken me as thow arte custommed to take chekyns and hennes /
And therfore men ought not to helpe them whiche ben acustomed to doo euylle / but men ought rather to lette them
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