The Thief and the Child

7.18. De puero flente et fure
Caxton: Of the theef / and of the child whiche wepte
He is a fole that putteth his good in Ieopardy to lese it for to gete & haue som others good / as it appereth by this fable of a theef whiche fond a child wepynge besyde a welle / of whom the theef dyde aske why he wepte / & the child answerd to hym I wepe / by cause that I haue lete falle within this welle of a boket of gold / & thenne the theef toke of his clothes / & sette them on the ground and wente doune in to the welle / And as he was doune the child toke his gowne & lefte hym within the welle / And thus for couetyse to wynne / he lost his gowne /
For suche supposen to wynne somtyme whiche lesen / And therfore none ought to wysshe that / that he hath not / to thende that he leseth not that / that he hath / For of the thynge wrongfully and euylle goten / the thyrd heyre shalle neuer be possessour of hit
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