The Lion and the Goat

7.19. De leone et capra
Caxton: Of thy lyon and of the gote
He is wyse that cane kepe hym self from the wyly and fals / as hit appereth by this fable / Of a lyon / whiche ones mette with a gote / whiche was upon a montayne And whanne the lyon sawe her / he sayd to her in this mannere / For to gyve to her occacion to come doune fro the hylle / to thende that he myght ete her / My suster why comest thow not hyder on this fayre and grene medowe for to ete of these fayre herbes or grasse / And the gote ansuerd to hym / How be hit / that thow sayst trouthe / Nevertheles thow sayst it not / neyther for my wele ne for my prouffyte / but thow sayst hit / by cause that thow woldest fayne ete and devoure me / but I truste no in thy fayre speche / For many tymes I have herd saye of my grant moder / he that is wel / meve not hym self /
For he whiche is in a place wel sure / is wel a fole to go fro hit / and to putte hym self in grete daunger and perylle
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