A Fisherman

6.07. De piscatore quodam
Caxton: Of a fyssher
Alle thynges which ben done & made in theyr tyme & season ben wel made / as by this present fable it appereth Of a fyssher whiche somtyme touched his bagpype nyhe the Ryuer for to make the fysshe to daunse / And whan he sawe that for none songe that he coude pype / the fysshes wold not daunse / As wroth dyd cast his nettes in to the Ryuer / & toke of fysshe grete quantite / And whanne he had drawe oute his nettes oute of the water / the fysshe beganne to lepe and to daunse / and thenne he sayd to them / Certaynly hit appiereth now wel / that ye be euylle beestes / For now whanne ye be taken / ye lepe and daunse / And whanne I pyped and played of my muse or bagpype ye dayned / ne wold not daunse /
Therfore hit appiereth wel that the thynges whiche ben made in season / ben wel made and done by reason
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