The Two Dogs

1.09. de duobus canibus
Caxton: Of the two bytches
It is not good to byleue what flaterers and euyll men saye / for by theyr swete wordes / they deceyue the good folke / wherof Esope reherceth suche a fable / Ther was a bytche whiche wold lyttre and be delyuerd of her lytyl dogges / and came to the hows of another bytche / & prayd her by swete and fayre wordes that she wold lene to her a place for to lyttre her lytyll dogges / And this other lend to her / her bed and her hows wenynge to doo wel / And whan the bytche had lyttred her lytel dogges / the good bytche sayd to the other / that it was tyme that she shold goo and departe oute of her / And thenne the bytche and her yonge dogges ranne vpon the other / and boot and casted her oute of her owne hows / And thus for to haue doo well / grete dommage cometh ofte therfore /
And ofte the good men lese theyr goodes by the decepcion and flaterye of the peruers and euylle folke
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