The Goose and Her Lord

7.24. De ansere et domino suo
Caxton: Of the goos and of her lord
He that ouer ladeth hym self / is euylle strayned / As this fable sayth / of a man / whiche had a goos / that leyd euery day an egge of gold / The man of auaryce or couetousnes commaunded and bad to her / that euery daye she shold leye two egges / And she sayd to hym / Certaynly / my mayster I maye not / wherfore the man was wrothe with her / and slewe her / wherfore he lost that same grete good / of the whiche dede he was moche sorowful and wrothe / how be it that it was not tyme to shette the stable whan the horses ben loste / & gone /
And he is not wyse / whiche dothe suche a thynge / wherof he shalle repente hym afterward / ne he also / whiche doth his owne dommage for to auenge hym self on somme other / For by cause that he supposeth to wynne al / he leseth al that he hath
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