The Dog and the Sheep

1.04. de cane et ove
Caxton: Of the dogge and of the sheep
Of the men chalengynge whiche euer be sekynge occasion to doo some harme and dommage to the good / saith Esope suche a fable / Somtyme was a dogge / whiche demaunded of a sheep a loof of brede that she had borowed of hym / And the sheep ansuerd that neuer she had none of hym / The dogge made her to come before the Iuge / And by cause the sheep denyed the dette / the dogge prouysed and broughte with hym fals wytnes / that is to wete the wulf / the mylan & the sparhawk / And whanne these wytnes shold be examyned and herd / the wulf sayd to the Iuge / I am certayne & me remembreth wel / that the dogge lend to her a loof of brede And the Myllan went and sayd / she receyued hit presente my persone / And the sperowhawk sayd to the sheep / Come hyder why denyest thow that whiche thow hast take and receyued / And thus was the poure sheep vanquysshed / And thenne the Iuge commaunded to her that she shold paye the dogge / wherfore she sold awey before the wynter her flees and wulle for to paye that / that she neuer had / And thus was the poure sheep despoylled / folk
In suche maner done the euylle hongry peple whiche by theyr grete vntrouthe and malyce robben and despoyllen the poure
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