Lion, Cow, Goat, and Sheep

1.06. de leone, vacca, capra et ove
Caxton: Of the lyon and of the cowe / of the goote and of the sheep
Men sayen comynly that it is not good to ete plommes with his lord / ne to the poure it is not good to haue partage and dyuysyon with hym whiche is ryche & myghty / wherof Esope reherceth suche a fable / The cowe / the gote & the sheep went ones a huntyng & chase / with the lyon & toke a herte / And whanne they came to haue theyr parte / the lyon sayd to them / My lordes I late you wete / that the fyrst part is myn by cause I am your lord / the second by cause / I am stronger than ye be / the thyrd / by cause I ranne more swyfter than ye dyd / And who so euer toucheth the fourthe parte / he shalle be myn mortal enemy / And thus he took for hym self alone the herte /
And therfore this fable techeth to al folk / that the poure ought not to hold felauship with the myghty / For the myghty man is neuer feythfull to the poure
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