The Wolf and the Tragic Mask

2.14. De lupo et persona tragoedi
Caxton: Of the wulf and of the dede mans hede
Many one ben whiche haue grete worship and glorye / but noo prudence / ne noo wysedom they haue in them wherof Esope reherceth suche a fable / Of a wulf which found a dede mans hede / the whiche he torned vp so doune with his foote / And sayd / Ha a how fayr hast thow be and playsaunt / And now thow hast in the neyther wytte / ne beaute / & yet thow arte withoute voys and withoute ony thought /
And therfore men ought not only to behold the beaulte and fayrenesse of the body / but only the goodnes of the courage / For somtyme men gyuen glorye and worship to some / whiche haue deseruyd to haue hit /
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