Of the sheep and of the crowe

4.19. De cornice et ove
Caxton: Of the sheep and of the Crowe
Men ought not to iniurye ne disprayes the poure Innocentes ne the symple folke As reherceth this fable / Of a Crowe / whiche sette her self vpon the back of a sheep / And whan the sheep had born her a grete whyle she sayd to her / thow shalt kepe thy self wel to sette the vpon a dogge / And thenne the crowe sayd to the sheep / Thynke thow poure Innocent that I wote wel with whom I playe / For I am old and malycious / and my kynde is to lette all Innocents / and to be frende vnto the euyls /
And therfore this fable wylle telle and saye / how ther be folke of suche kynde / that they wyl doo no good werk / but only to lette euer the Innocents and symple folke
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