A Lion and a Bear

005. A Lion and a Bear. There was a Lion and a Bear had gotten a Fawn betwixt them, and there were they at Tooth and Nail which of the Two should carry 't off. They Fought it out, till they were e’n glad to lie down and take Breath. In which instant, a Fox passing that way, and finding how the case stood with the Two Combatants, seiz'd upon the Fawn for his Own Use, and so very fairly scamper’d away with him. The Lion, and the Bear saw the Whole Action, but not being in condition to Rise and Hinder it, they pass’d this Reflexion upon the whole matter; Here we have been Worrying one another, who should have the Booty, ’till this Cursed Fox has bobb’d us Both on’t.

Moral. ‘Tis the Fate of All Gotham Quarrels, when Fools go together by the Ears, to have Knaves run away with the Stakes.

[more info; you can read L'Estrange's Reflexion at the online book.]

And here is an illustration by John Tenniel:

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