Jupiter and the Herdsman

181. JUPITER AND THE HERDSMAN. A herdsman, missing a young heifer that belonged to his herd, went up and down the forest to seek it; and having walked a great deal of ground to no purpose, he fell a praying to Jupiter for relief, promising to sacrifice a kid to him if he would help him to a discovery of the thief.
After this he went on a little farther and came near a grove of oaks, where he found the carcass of his heifer, and a lion grumbling over it, and feeding upon it. This sight almost scared him out of his wits; so down he fell upon his knees once more, and addressed himself to Jupiter. “O Jupiter,” says he, “I promised thee a kid to show me the thief, but now I promise thee a bull if thou wilt be so merciful as to deliver me out of his clutches.” [more info]

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