The Dog Invited to Supper

180. THE DOG INVITED TO SUPPER. A gentleman, having invited an extraordinary friend to sup with him, ordered a handsome entertainment to be prepared. His dog, observing this, thought with himself that now would be a good opportunity for him to invite another dog, a friend of his, to partake of the good cheer. Accordingly he did so; and the strange dog was conducted into the kitchen, where he saw mighty preparations going forward.
Thought he to himself, “This is rare! I shall fill my belly charmingly by and by with some of these dainties! I'll eat enough to last me a week! O, how nicely and delicious shall I feed!”
While he stood and thought thus with himself, his tail wagged, and his chaps watered exceedingly, and this drew the observation of the cook towards him; who, seeing a strange cur, with his eyes intent upon the victuals, stole softly behind him, and, taking him up by the two hind legs, threw him out of a window into the street.
The hard stones gave him a very severe reception, and he was almost stunned with the fall; but, recovering himself, he ran yelping and crying half the length of a street, the noise of which brought several other dogs about him; who, knowing of the invitation, began to inquire how he had fared. “O,” says he, “admirably well; I never was better entertained in my life; but in troth, we drank a little too hard; for my part, I was so overtaken, that I scarce know which way I got out of the house.” [more info]

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