The Bees, The Drones, and the Wasps

165. THE BEES, THE DRONES, AND THE WASP. A parcel of drones got into a hive among the bees, and disputed the title with them, swearing that the honey and the combs were their goods. The bees were obliged to go to law with them, and the wasp happened to be judge of the cause, one who was well acquainted with the nature of each, and therefore the better qualified to decide the controversy between them.
Accordingly, “Gentlemen,” says he, (speaking to both plaintiff and defendant) “the usual method of proceeding in these courts is pretty chargeable and slow withal; therefore, as you are both my friends, and I wish you well, I desire you would refer the matter to me, and I will decide betwixt you instantly.”
They were both pleased with the offer, and returned him thanks. “Why, then,” says he, “that it may appear who are the just proprietors of these honeycombs (for being both so nearly alike as you are in colour, I must needs own the point is somewhat dubious), do you,” addressing himself to the bees, “take one hive; you,” speaking to the drones, “another, and go and make honey as fast as you can, that we may know, by the taste and colour of it, who has the best title to this in dispute.”
The bees readily accepted the proposal, but the drones would not stand to it; and so Judge Wasp, without any farther ceremony, declared in favour of the former. [more info]

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