The Horse and the Loaded Ass

164. THE HORSE AND THE LOADED ASS. An idle horse, and an ass labouring under a heavy burden, were travelling the road together; they both belonged to a country fellow, who trudged it on foot by them. The ass, ready to faint under his heavy load, entreated the horse to assist him, and lighten his burden by taking some of it upon his back. The horse was ill-natured, and refused to do it; upon which the poor ass tumbled down in the midst of the highway, and expired in an instant.
The countryman ungirthed his pack-saddle, and tried several ways to relieve him, but all to no purpose: which, when he perceived, he took the whole burden and laid it upon the horse, together with the skin of the dead ass; so that the horse by his moroseness in refusing to do a small kindness, justly brought upon himself a greater inconvenience. [more info]

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