The Sow and the Wolf

153. THE SOW AND THE WOLF. A sow had just farrowed, and lay in the sty with her whole litter of pigs about her. A wolf, who longed for one of them, but knew not how to come at it, endeavoured to insinuate himself into the sow's good opinion; and accordingly coming up to her. "How does the good woman in the straw do?” says he; “can I be of any service to you, Mrs. Sow, in relation to your little family here? if you have a mind to go abroad, and air yourself a little or so, you may depend upon it I will take as much care of your pigs as you could do yourself.”
“Your humble servant,” says the sow; “I thoroughly understand your meaning; and to let you know I do, I must be so free as to tell you, I had rather have your room than your company; and therefore if you would act like a wolf of honour, and oblige me, I beg I may never see your face again.” [more info]

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