The Mice in Council

31. THE MICE IN COUNCIL. Some mice were in great fear of a cat. She watched the place so carefully that not one of them dared venture out from his hole in search of food. They were therefore in danger of being starved. In their trouble they called a meeting, and while they were talking the matter over, a conceited young mouse stood up and said, "Dear friends, after much deep thought I have discovered a plan which will save us all. I propose that we tie a bell round the cat's neck so that by its ringing we shall always know when she is near."
Then he sat down amidst great applause. All the mice were delighted with the clever plan. Presently an old mouse, who had not spoken before, said, "I agree that the plan is excellent, and since our young friend has been so clever as to think of it, perhaps he will also tell us how to carry it out. What I want to know is: who is going to bell the cat?" [more info]

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