The Country Maid and her Milk-Pan

30. THE COUNTRY MAID AND HER MILK-PAN. A country maid, walking along the road with a pan of sweet milk on her head, said to herself, "With the money I get for this milk I shall buy eggs, then I shall put them under the old hen, and when the chickens are hatched, I shall feed them until they are big enough and plump enough to fetch a high price. With the money I get for them I shall buy me a fine new gown, and on market day I shall look so comely in it that all the farmers will admire me. But I shall not look at them, I shall toss my head and turn away."
At this point, the foolish maid, forgetting the milk-pan, and thinking only of how she would flout her admirers, really did toss her head. Down tumbled the pan, out ran the milk over the road, and with it disappeared all chance of ever having either eggs, chickens, fowls, fine gowns, or admirers to flout. [more info]

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