The Oak Tree and the Reed

29. THE OAK TREE AND THE REED. An oak tree quarrelled with a reed about the best way of behaving in a storm. "As for me," said the oak proudly, "I stand up bravely and strongly against whatever wind may blow: I do not, like you, bend my head to the ground in fear, at every little breeze."
To this insult the reed made no answer, except to quiver and sway a little, as if too angry to speak.
In a little while there arose a great storm of wind which lasted all through the night. In the morning the oak tree fell to the ground with a crash.
"It seems after all that my way is best," said the reed. "If you had not stood up so stiffly and stubbornly against that which is stronger than you are, you would not be lying broken in two like this." [more info]

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