The Wind and the Sun

32. THE WIND AND THE SUN. The wind and the sun once had a dispute as to which was the stronger. At last, as neither would give in, they agreed each to try his strength upon a traveller, and the one who managed to get off the man's cloak first was to be the winner.
The wind began. He blew cold blasts and hurricanes, poured down showers of rain and hail, stormed, and raged and howled, but with no success, for the stronger he blew, the closer the man drew his cloak about him.
Next came the sun, who, dispelling the cold clouds and mist from the sky, sent down his bright rays upon the poor weather-beaten traveller. No sooner did the man feel the comforting warmth than he threw off his heavy cloak, and went happily on his way. [more info]

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