The Man and his Wooden God

113. THE MAN AND HIS WOODEN GOD. A man, having a wooden god, worshipped it every day; and, among other things, prayed particularly for wealth. because his circumstances were but low. But when he had continued to do this for many days to no purpose, in a passion at the disappointment, he took the image by the legs, knocked it against the pavement, and broke it in pieces, upon which a great quantity of money, which had been enclosed within it, flew about the room.
The man no sooner perceived this, but addressing himself to the idol, “Thou obstinate, perverse deity,” says he, “who, while I humbly besought thee, hadst no regard to my prayers, but now thou art used ill, and broken to pieces, dost pour forth good things, in even a greater abundance than I could desire.” [more info]

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