The Man and the Gnat

190. THE MAN AND THE GNAT. As a clownish fellow was sitting upon a bank, a gnat settled upon his leg, and stung it. He clapped his hand with great vehemence upon the place, with intention to kill the gnat; but the little nimble insect, skipping lightly between his fingers, escaped, and every time he struck, he gave himself a smart blow upon the leg, without being in the least able to touch the gnat.
This provoked him very much, so that in the height of his passion he fell to invoking Hercules: “O mighty Hercules !” says he, “since nothing can withstand thy power, aid me, I beseech thee, against this pernicious gnat, and with thy invincible strength subdue him, in compassion to me, miserable creature, who am tormented with his venomous sting.” [more info]

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