The Lion, The Ass, and the Fox

144. THE LION, THE ASS, AND THE FOX. The lion, the ass, and the fox, went a hunting together in the forest, and it was agreed, that whatever was taken should be divided amongst them. They happened to have very good sport, and caught a large fat stag, which the lion ordered the ass to divide. The ass, according to the best of his capacity, did so, and made three pretty equal shares.
But such levelling doings not suiting at all with the craving temper of the greedy lion, without further delay he flew upon the poor ass, and tore him in pieces, and then bid the fox divide it into two parts. Reynard, who seldom wanted a prompter, however, had his cue given him sufficiently upon this occasion; and so, nibbling off one little bit for himself, he laid forth all the rest for the lion's portion.
The royal brute was so delighted at this dutiful and handsome proof of his respect, that he could not forbear expressing the satisfaction it gave him: and asked him withal, where he could possibly have learnt so proper and so courtly a behaviour.
“Why,” replies Reynard, “to tell your majesty the truth, I was taught it by the ass that lies dead there.” [more info]

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