The Fox and the Sick Lion

142. THE FOX AND THE SICK LION. It was reported that the lion was sick, and the beasts were made to believe that they could not make their, court better than by going to visit him. Upon this they generally went, but it was particularly taken notice of that the fox was not one of the number. The lion therefore despatched one of his jackals to sound him about it, and ask him why he had so little charity and respect as never to come near him at a time when he lay so dangerously ill, and everybody else had been to see him.
“Why,” replies the fox, “pray present my duty to his majesty, and tell him that I have the same respect for him as ever, and have been coming several times to kiss his royal hand; but I am so terribly frightened at the mouth of his cave, to see the print of my fellow-subjects’ feet all pointing forwards and none backwards, that I have not resolution enough to venture in.”
Now the truth of the matter was, that this sickness of the lion’s was only a sham to draw the beasts into his den, the more easily to devour them. [more info]

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