The Lion and the Mouse

12. THE LION AND THE MOUSE. A lion, tired with hunting, lay down to rest under an oak-tree. While he slept, a little mouse ran across his back and woke him. In a rage he started up, clapped his paw on her, and would have put her to death straightway. But the little mouse begged for mercy in so sweet and piteous a manner, that the kindly beast let her go.
A few days afterwards, the lion while hunting in the forest was caught in a net put there to entrap him. He fought and struggled to escape; but in vain, the net held him fast, and in despair the lion set up a loud roar.
The grateful mouse, hearing the voice, and knowing it to be that of her friend, ran to the place, and bidding the poor beast have no fear, without more ado she began to nibble at the knots and fastenings of the net. These were strong, but the teeth of the mouse were sharp as steel, and soon knots and fastenings were bitten through and the lion was set free. [more info]

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