The Miser

11. THE MISER. A miser went every day to look at his treasure which he had put into a bag, and hidden in a hole in the earth. A workman who had often watched him, and who guessed the reason of these visits, followed him and saw where the treasure lay buried. Then one day when the miser was not there, the workman dug up the gold and took it away.
The next day, on discovering his loss, the miser tore his hair, and cried aloud in despair. A passer-by, seeing his distress, asked what troubled him, and, on being told, said, "I see no cause for so much sorrow. Your treasure did not bring you any great joy. Take therefore a stone, hide it in the same hole, and pretend that it is your gold. It will serve your purpose just as well, for when you had the gold you made no use of it." [more info]

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