The Travelers and the Bear

13. THE TRAVELLERS AND THE BEAR. Two travellers before entering a forest promised to help each other in any trouble that might arise on the way, either from wild beasts or from robbers. They had not journeyed far before a large bear rushed out of the thicket. One traveller climbed up a tree. The other, left to fend for himself, fell flat on his face, and held his breath.
The beast came up to the man on the ground, sniffed at him carefully, and then thinking him dead, walked off, for, as the traveller knew, bears will not touch anyone dead.
When the coast was clear, the traveller who had fled first, came down from his tree, and, joining the other, said with a pleasant smile: "What was it the bear said to you? I noticed he clapped his mouth close to your earl"
"Oh!" answered the other, "he told me not to believe again in the promises of such cowardly rascals as you." [more info]

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