The Lark and the Cornfield

03. THE LARK AND THE CORNFIELD. A family of larks lived in a ripe cornfield. The mother knew that, when the reapers came, her nest would be spoiled, so she ordered the young ones to watch well, and to tell her of everything that happened while she was away.
One day, on returning home, she found the little larks very frightened. "The farmer has passed," they screamed, "and he is going to call in the neighbours to reap the field!"
"That is well," said the mother. "If he trusts to his neighbours, there is no need to fear."
The next day the fanner came again. "Call your uncles and cousins," he said to his son, "and with their help we shall begin to-morrow."
When the little larks, more frightened than ever, told their mother this, she answered, "We need not fear yet; his relations are busy cutting their own com."
But a few days afterwards, when the mother lark heard that the farmer had passed again, saying, "We shall ourselves reap the field to-morrow," she cried, "Now we must go! When a man says that he will do his work himself, it is sure to be done." [more info]

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