The Field of Treasure

02. THE FIELD OF TREASURE. A dying farmer, wishing his sons to know what treasure is to be found in honest work, called them to him and said, "My sons, I am dying. All the treasure that I have is yours, and, if you will look, you will find it hidden in yonder field."
Some time after the father's death, the sons began to look for the treasure. They carefully dug up the field from one end to the other, but no gold could they find.
"Well," said one, "since we have taken so much trouble digging the field, we might as well sow it with corn."
This they did, and in time there sprang up a crop five times richer than any there had been before in that field. Seeing this, the sons remembered their father's words, and understood that at last they had found the hidden treasure, not in gold, but in the fruits of honest labour. [more info]

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