The Ass and the Little Dog

01. THE ASS AND THE LITTLE DOG. An ass, who noticed how fond his master was of a little dog, said to himself, 'Why should not I be petted and fondled and given nice things to eat as well as that dog?' He saw that the favourite did nothing to deserve his good fortune, but only gambolled about, and barked, and wagged his tail, and jumped on his master's knee. So the ass made up his mind to behave just in that way himself, hoping that he too would be rewarded.
Soon afterwards, when the master came home and sat resting in his armchair, the ass pranced in and began to gambol and kick up his heels and bray, until the man could not help laughing at the funny sight. Then the ass came nearer and placed his fore-feet upon his master's knee and prepared to jump into his lap, but that was too much of a joke. 'Help!' shouted the man, and the servants came running in, and when they saw their master in such a plight, they beat the ass with heavy sticks until his bones ached, and he was thankful to run back to his own stable. [more info]

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