The Hare and the Tortoise

159. THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE. A hare insulted a tortoise upon account of his slowness, and vainly boasted of her own great speed in running. “Let us make a match,” replied the tortoise; “I’ll run with you five miles for five pounds, and the fox yonder shall be the umpire of the race.” The hare agreed, and away they both started together; but the hare, by reason of her exceeding swiftness, outran the tortoise to such a degree, that she made a jest of the matter; and, finding herself a little tired squatted in a tuft of fern that grew by the way, and took a nap, thinking that if the tortoise went by, she could at any time fetch him up, with all the ease imaginable.
the meanwhile the tortoise came jogging on with a slow but continued motion, and the hare, out of a too great security and confidence of victory oversleeping herself, the tortoise arrived at the end of the race first. [more info]

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