The Frog and the Mouse

168. THE FROG AND THE MOUSE. There was once a great emulation between the frog and the mouse, which should be master of the fen, and wars ensued upon it; but the crafty mouse, lurking under the grass in ambuscade, made sudden sallies, and often surprised the enemy at a disadvantage. The frog excelling in strength, and being more able to leap abroad and take the field, challenged the mouse to single combat; the mouse accepted the challenge, and each of them entered the lists, armed with the point of a bulrush instead of a spear. A kite, sailing in the air, beheld them afar off; and while they were eagerly bent upon each other, and pressing on to the duel, this fatal enemy descended souse upon them, and with her crooked talons carried off both the champions. [more info]

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