The Fox and the Wolf

167. THE FOX AND THE WOLF. The wolf, having laid in a store of provision, kept close at home, and made much of himself. The fox observed this, and thinking it something particular, went to visit him, the better to inform himself of the truth of the matter. The wolf excused himself from seeing him by pretending he was very much indisposed.
All this did but confirm the fox in his suspicions; so away he goes to a shepherd, and made discovery of the wolf, telling him he had nothing else to do but to come with a good weapon, and knock him on the head as he lay in his cave. The shepherd followed his directions, and killed the wolf.
The wicked fox enjoyed the cave and provisions to himself, but enjoyed them not long, for the same shepherd passing afterwards by the same hole, and seeing the fox there, dispatched him also. [more info]

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