The Ant and the Grasshopper

121. THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER. In the winter season, a commonwealth of ants was busily employed in the management and preservation of their corn; which they exposed to the air, in heaps, round about the avenues of their little country habitation.
A grasshopper, who had chanced to outlive the summer, and was ready to starve with cold and hunger, approached them with great humility, and begged that they would relieve his necessity with one grain of wheat or rye.
One of the ants asked him how he had disposed of his time in summer, that he had not taken pains and laid in a stock, as they had done?
“Alas! gentlemen,” says he, “I passed away the time merrily and pleasantly, in drinking, singing, and dancing, and never once thought of winter.”
“If that be the case,” replied the ant, laughing, “all I have to say is, that they who drink, sing, and dance in the summer, must starve in the winter.” [more info]

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