Mercury and the Carver

176. MERCURY AND THE CARVER. Mercury having a mind to know how much he was esteemed among men, transformed himself into the shape of one of them; and going into a carver's shop where little images were to be sold, he saw Jupiter, Juno, himself, and most of the other gods and goddesses.
So, pretending that he wanted to buy, says he to the carver, “What do you ask for this?” and pointed to the figure of Jupiter: “A groat,” says the other.
“And what for that?” meaning Juno. “I must have something more for that,” says he.
“Well, and what's the price of this?” says Mercury, nodding his head at himself. “Why,” says the man, “if you are in earnest and will buy the other two, I will throw you that into the bargain.” [more info]

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