Jupiter and Pallas

086. JUPITER AND PALLAS. Once upon a time the heathen gods had a mind to adopt each a particular tree into their patronage and tuition. Jupiter chose the oak; Venus was pleased to name the myrtle; Appollo pitched upon the laurel; Cybele took the pine, and Hercules the poplar; Pallas, being present, expressed her admiration at their fancy, in making choice of trees that bore nothing.
“On,” says Jupiter, “the reason of that is plain enough, for we would not be thought to dispense our favours with any mercenary view.”
“You may do as you please,” says she, “but let the olive be my tree; and I declare my reason for choosing it is because it bears plenty of useful fruit.”
Upon which the Thunderer, putting on a serious, composed gravity, spoke thus to the goddess, “Indeed, daughter, it is not without justice that you are so celebrated for your wisdom; for unless some benefit attends your actions, to perform them only for the sake of glory is but a silly business.” [more info]

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