Jupiter and the Ass

118. JUPITER AND THE ASS. A certain ass, which belonged to a gardener and was weary of carrying his heavy burdens, prayed to Jupiter to give him a new master. Jupiter, consenting to his petition, gave him a tile maker, who loaded him with tiles, and made him carry heavier burdens than before.
Again he came, and made supplications, beseeching the god to give him one that was more mild, or at least, to let him have any other master but this. Jupiter could not choose but laugh at his folly; however, he granted his request this time also, and made him over to a tanner.
But as soon as the poor ass was sensible what a master he had got, he could not forbear upbraiding himself with his great folly and inconstancy, which had brought him to a master not only more cruel and exacting than any of the former, but one that would not spare his very hide after he was dead. [more info]

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