The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

21. THE WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. There is a story of a greedy Wolf, who, having deceptively wrapped himself in woollen clothing in sign of his belonging to the peaceful flock, was, for a long while, permitted to prowl about certain homesteads, where, his real nature not being suspected, he caused most unaccountable decreases in the family store of mutton.
But being in the end discovered by the Shepherd (who was named Inspector), he was, by that watchful guardian of the public pastures, ignominiously stripped and flogged, howling, to the wilderness.
"Why whip you the animal?" asked the neighbours. "Was he not faithful?"
"Faithful!" cried the Shepherd, laying on in wrath. "I took him for an honest watch-dog, and lo! I find him in Sheep's clothing, making sheep's eyes at a foolish ewe, whom he would have eaten out of house and home to satisfy his wolfish cravings, had she not given him her Master's lamb for supper."
MORAL. Beware how you Invite a man to dinner on the strength of his outside recommendations. His inside capabilities may astonish you. [more info]

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