The Fox and the Grapes

12. THE FOX AND THE GRAPES. A lonely She-Fox was fascinated by some grapes which hung high in a certain Vineyard, and, in order to obtain which, she for some time fatigued herself in leaps, friskings, and contortions, more or less graceful, until her joints grew stiff and her bones fairly ached again. But at last, finding her agility decrease, and the grapes farther from her reach than ever, "Let who will, take them," said she, "as for me, I would none of them as a gift, for I am sure they are as sour as vinegar."
MORAL. It is natural that we should affect to defspise what we cannot obtain. In the ballroom of life, the unfortunate "Wallflower," who has wearied herself out with jumping up in the vain hope of catching a partner, will be found, towards the close of the entertainment, expressing herself in the severest terms on the folly and impropriety of Dancing. [more info]

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