The Lioness and the Fox

032. THE LIONESS AND THE FOX. The lioness and the fox meeting together, fell into discourse; and the conversation turning upon the breeding and fruitfulness of some living creatures above others, the fox could not forbear taking the opportunity of observing to the lioness, that for her part, she thought foxes were as happy in that respect as almost any other creature; for that they bred constantly once a year, if not oftener, and always had a good litter of cubs at every birth. And yet, says she, there are those who are never delivered of more than one at a time, and that perhaps not above once or twice in their whole life, who hold up their noses, and value themselves so much upon it, that they think all other creatures beneath them, and scarce worthy to be spoken to.
The lioness, who all the while perceived at whom this reflection pointed, was fired with resentment, and, with a good deal of vehemence, replied: "What you have observed may be true, and that not without reason. You produce a great many at a litter, and often; but what are they? Foxes. I indeed have but one at a time, but you should remember that this one is a lion." [more info]

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