The Lion in Love

109. THE LION IN LOVE. The lion, by chance, saw a fair maid, the forester's daughter, as she was tripping over a lawn, and fell in love with her. Nay, so violent was his passion, that he could not live unless he made her his own: so that, without any more delay, he broke his min to the father, and demanded the damsel for his wife.
The man, as odd as the proposal seemed at first, yet soon recollected, that by complying he might get the lion into his power; but, by refusing him, should only exasperate and provoke his rage; therefore he consented, but told him it must be upon these conditions: that, considering the girl was young and tender, he must agree to let his teeth be plucked out, and his claws cut off, lest he should hurt her, or at least frighten her with the apprehension of them.
The lion was too much in love to hesitate; but was no sooner deprived of his teeth and claws, than the treacherous forester attacked him with a huge club, and knocked his brains out. [more info]

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