Industry and Sloth

1.11. INDUSTRY AND SLOTH. Our term of life does not allow time for long protracted deliberations. How many live in the world as useless as if they had never been born? They pass through life like a bird through the air and leave no track behind them, waste the prime of their days in deliberating what they shall do, and bring them to a period without coming to any determination.
An indolent young man being asked why he lay in bed so long, jocosely and carelessly answered, "Every morning of my life I am hearing causes: I have two fine girls, their names are Industry and Sloth, close at my bedside as soon as ever I awake, pressing their different suits. One intreats me to get up, the other persuades me to lie still, and then they alternately give me various reasons why I should rise and why I should not. This detains me so long as it is the duty of an impartial judge to hear all that can be said on either side that before the pleadings are over it is time to go to dinner." [more info]

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