The Hermit and the Bear

1.12. THE HERMIT AND THE BEAR. The random zeal of inconsiderate friends is often as hurtful as the wrath of enemies; an imprudent friend often does as much mischief by his too great zeal as the worst enemy could effect by his malice.
A certain Hermit, having done a good office to a Bear, the grateful creature was so sensible of his obligation that he begged to be admitted as the guardian and companion of his solitude. The Hermit willingly accepted his offer and conducted him to his cell, where they passed their time together in an amicable manner.
One very hot day the Hermit, having laid him down to sleep, the officious Bear employed himself in driving away the flies from his patron's face. But in spite of all his care, one of the flies perpetually returned to the attack and at last settled upon the Hermit's nose.
"Now I shall have you most certainly," said the Bear, and with the best intentions imaginable gave him a violent blow on the face which very effectually indeed demolished the Fly, but at the same time most terribly bruised the face of his benefactor. [more info]

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