The Young Man and his Cat

162. THE YOUNG MAN AND HIS CAT. A certain young man used to play with a cat, of which he grew so fond, that at last he fell in love with it, to such a degree, that he could rest neither night nor day for the excess of his passion. At last he prayed to Venus, the goddess of beauty, to pity him, and relieve his pain. The good-natured goddess was propitious, and heard his prayers: before he rose up from kneeling, the cat, which he held in his arms, was transformed into a beautiful girl. The youth was transported with joy, and married her that very day.
At night they went to bed, and as the new bride lay encircled in the embraces of her amorous husband, she unfortunately heard a mouse behind the hangings, and sprung from his arms to pursue it. Venus, offended to see her sacred rites profaned by such an indecent behaviour, and perceiving that her new convert, though a woman in outward appearance, was a cat in her heart, she made her return to her old form again, that her manners and person might be agreeable to each other. [more info]

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